Sound insulation of the floor

Soundproof floor material - lining in the form of a roll - a soundproof product between floors. It accepts a mix of mechanical shock sounds that can travel between floors. A noise reduction of 26 dB has been achieved. The top layer of aluminum foil is highly puncture resistant and provides moisture protection for the bottom insulation layer when cement concrete is added.

The fact that the roll is not relatively thick, while soundproofing does not allow any loss of height, is very favorable. It has a wide range of applications, it is an ideal tool for use in residential buildings, hotels, kindergartens, business centers, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and other facilities.

The edges of the roll are provided with adhesive tape to fasten them together.

Roll dimensions: 1*7 meters.


Over 50 years of service
Easy and fast installation
Protection against mechanical sounds
Electromagnetic protection