ODE Rubber Foam is used for heat, moisture and sound insulation in pipe insulation, heating, cooling and ventilation systems and also in other mechanical communication systems. It is mainly used in heating and cooling systems and insulation of pipelines. According to the place of use, according to the temperature of the carrier, the length of the trunk, it is produced in different thicknesses, aluminum foil/without foil and other forms. High water vapor diffusion and maximum resistance to fire. It is elastic, resistant to tearing. Due to its high resistance to corrosion, it extends the life of the equipment.

Thermal conductivity, W/m*K(10C): 0.033

Working temperature, C: -20 – +85

Pipe diameter: 6-114mm

Thickness, mm: 6; 10; 13; 19; 25; 32; 50

Teniki is a rubber foam insulation material intended for thermal insulation of pipe systems. Places of use:

– Industrial pipelines

– Heating and water supply lines

- Petrochemical facilities

– Cooling equipment

It is an insulation material that is completely harmless to the body. It has Q1 flammability class.