Primers and sealants

In addition to the sale of bituminous membranes, our company also sells a variety of bituminous and water-based primers and sealants. Bituminous primers and sealants mainly play the role of a smoothing, leveling and adhesive layer during the application of bituminous membranes.

1. Bituminous Primer

Bituminous primer contains a solution of petroleum bitumen in specially selected organic solvents. It has a high penetration capacity and a short drying time. The primer is used for preparation (priming) of insulated surfaces (concrete slab, cement-sand coating, etc.) before laying fusible and self-adhesive roofing and waterproofing materials.

2. Bituminous Mastic

Bituminous mastic that we offer belongs to the imperial Technonikol brand. Bituminous mastics are used before the application of membranes in waterproofing. The use of mastic serves to adhere the membrane to the surface more firmly.

3. Quick-drying Primer

Quick-drying Primer is a primer with a high degree of adhesion to metal structures. This primer is fully compatible with any type of paint, highly resistant to the effects of heat, oil, and solvents.

4. Rubber Based Mastic

It is considered the most reliable adhesive for various surfaces. The substance is actively used in solving household problems, in industrial construction sites. It is important to have a strong combination of different quality materials without the slightest gap.

5. Mastic MBK