OSB boards

OSB boards are highly durable, resistant to water, shock, fire, high humidity, do not absorb moisture in the house and on the street. In its production, a flat crumb of coniferous trees pressed under high pressure and temperature and a waterproof resin that acts as an adhesive are used. Multi-layer bonding ensures dimensional stability and strength.

The product is unlikely to swell. High holding power – prevents awakening, contraction and expansion. Very resistant to deformation. It is very easy to cut and fasten with ordinary fittings. It has a salty, smooth and void-free texture.

Areas of use:

– Construction of a wooden house

– Roof

– Wall covering

– Floor and flooring

– Sandwich panel

– Formwork (outlets, foundations, blocks)

– Warehouses

– Furniture elements

– Billboards

– Fencing of construction sites

– Shelves and racks

– Decorative panels


Dimensions: 1220*2440mm

Thicknesses: 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25 mm.