Nicoband sealable tape


Nicoband Tape is a 3-ply all-purpose sealing and waterproofing tape. Available in 5 colors and can be used both indoors and outdoors as the surface is made of special foil and is resistant to sunlight (UV). It is a unique product for sealing, sealing and covering various cracks, leaks and holes. It is mainly used in the repair and installation of roofs, sealing cracks, joints, repairing damaged areas and gutters. Nicoband tape easily adheres to various surfaces: glass, wood, iron, concrete, etc. In addition, nicoband tape is used in various other areas, the names of which are listed below:

On rooftops:

– Metal tile

– Elastic shingles S

– Ceramics

– Bituminous roll products

– Slate

When repairing pipes:

– Sewerage

– In cold water pipes

– In various plastic and iron pipes

In reservoirs:

– In various systems of plastic and iron gutters

In various plastic and iron products.

In ventilation systems:

In various combined places.