Mineral wool

URSA TERRA is a mineral insulation material, a professional insulation product used for heat and sound insulation purposes. It is produced in plate and roll forms.

This material, treated with water-repellent (hydrophobic) substances during its production, is characterized by high thermal insulation, moisture tolerance and does not absorb moisture. Since URSA TERRA is produced on the basis of quartz sand, it does not burn, does not rot, does not feed for insects, rodents and microorganisms, is environmentally friendly and harmless to health. It is used for the purpose of heat and sound insulation in various places of construction. The service life is more than 50 years.

URSA Terra mineral wool can be applied in various places of building structures: mansard, unused attic, wall partitions, floor insulation, ventilated facade systems.

Thickness 50mm.

Roll dimensions: 6250*1200*50mm. (There are two pieces in the roll) 15m2

Plate dimensions: 1250*600*50mm. (There are 12 tiles in the package) 9m2