TPO Membrane

The TPO membrane is a thermoplastic polyolefin-based compound and is a new technological product that is resistant to atmospheric conditions, sunlight (UV), plant roots, high tear, puncture and wear resistance, offering a long service life.

TPO Waterproofing Membrane is a UV-resistant, vapor-permeable, reinforced, heat-sourced, plant-root resistant, and used in roof waterproofing applications.

TPO membranes are designed to provide waterproofing on all roofs exposed to harsh weather conditions and sunlight.

TPO Membrane Application Areas

In light metal roofs,
On the roofs of the garden/parking lot/terrace,
In heat-insulated and non-heat-insulated roofs,
Dome or concrete or steel roofs of various geometric shapes,
It is used for waterproofing metal streams.


Thickness: 1.5 mm Width: 2.40 meters Length: 20 meters