HDPE Membranes

LDPE, HDPE polymer membranes are modern polymer waterproofing materials.

The private label is produced using low and high density polyethylene (PE). In various places of construction and agriculture, waterproofing is used for protection purposes. The insulation layers are welded to each other by means of special welding devices and are joined to create a single insulation layer.

Main uses:

- construction of water basins, reservoirs, artificial lakes

- in the construction of highway tunnels

- in the construction of waste warehouses

- in the insulation of roofs

- in the construction of warehouses for the purpose of collecting chemical elements, radioactive elements, oil waste

- in tobacco waterproofing

– in the isolation of oil reservoirs

- in road construction


Dimensions: 5*50 meters

Thicknesses: 1; 1.5; 2.0 mm.