Since our company is the official representative of the TechnoNIKOL brand in Azerbaijan, it imports a wide range of polyurethane foam products of the TechnoNIKOL brand. TechnoNIKOL produces a wide range of polyurethane foams. Products are classified according to technical characteristics – there are Professional and Master models, and according to the temperature range of use – only spring-summer or all-season models. In this case, foams are classified as void filling foams, fire-retardant foams, adhesive foams for gluing various insulating materials, etc. Foams are applied in different places:

Edges of doors, edges of windows, in the production of fire doors, filling of cracks and gaps, fastening of partition elements, gluing of insulating materials and various other purposes.

You can contact our professional sales managers so that we can choose the right product according to your wishes and request.