What should be the right floor insulation?

05 April 2021

What should be the right floor insulation?

What should be the right floor insulation?

Floor insulation is an important factor to prevent the cold coming from the lower floor or basement. At present, the floor of private houses is made of concrete, which presents the house owners with the problem of floor insulation. Because concrete has high thermal conductivity, the floors become a source of cold inside the house.

What are the benefits of floor insulation?

Floor insulation keeps the temperature of the house normal
Saves energy costs
Blocks noise from downstairs
It helps prevent vibration on the floor
How should the floor insulation system be?

Before insulating the floor, it is necessary to make sure of the quality of the products used. A low-quality product may not have the desired effect and may cause additional complications. In addition, it is an important factor to apply the products used in the correct order.

The floor insulation system is carried out in the following order:

First, cross planks are placed
A protective membrane is used on the boards
Stone wool is placed over the protective membranes
In the next step, carrier boards are used
A membrane against steam and moisture is applied 
At the final stage of insulation, cross-bottom boards are used over the membrane.
It should be noted that high-quality floor insulation not only increases the level of comfort at home, but also can provide protection of building materials from external factors.